Does your research involve the transfer of dual-use items?

A. Is the end-user a country listed in the EU sanctions map ?
B. Is the end-user an entity listed in the EU entity list ?

Are your items listed on the Military List or specifically intended for military purposes ?

Is the destination of the item located in the EU ?

Are your items listed by Annex IV of EU Regulation 2021/821 as amended ?

A. Does your research use software listed in subcategory D of Annex I of EU Regulation 2021/821

B. Does your research use technology (meaning the information necessary for the “development,” “production,” “use,” of an item, such as technical data, e.g. blueprints, plans, diagrams, models and formulae, or knowledge and technical assistance, including instructions, skills, training, working knowledge and consulting services) listed in subcategory E of the Annex I of EU Regulation 2021/821

Are your items listed by Annex I of EU Regulation 2021/821 as amended OR your research generate software or technology which is specified on this list?

Will you transmit software or technology via fax, oral means, electronic mail, access to a cloud or other outside the European Union ?

Do you retain research data in a cloud having server outside the EU ? (please ask your provider)

Will the research be published or presented to a conference ?

Will you perform applied research, meaning research primally directed towards a specific practical aim or objective ? (as distinct from basic research center)

The software, technology, knowledge, information of final products will be accessible to internal non-national staff or external visitors ?

Will you be using software or technology other than those available without restrictions upon its further dissemination? (as distinct from public domain)

No authorisation requirement