A new methodology to review or elaborate a trade control system – update

The Chaudfontaine Group with the support of the European Commission elaborated a new method for enhancing dual use trade controls in EU third countries. In May 2020, the content has been reviewed and updated to include new dual use trade control concerns.

The methodology known as 3WH (“Why, Who, What, How”) aims at conciliating the need of expression of national specificities in the field of dual-use trade and the need to set certain standards of effectiveness and efficiency for the recognition of the effectiveness of a control system by thirds, such as suppliers. The four elements, which form the core of a comprehensive trade control system, can be used as chronological steps for the elaboration or the strengthening of controls. This method shall also allow the actors with the possibility to support the design and the implementation of a system at a sub-regional or regional level. 

The ESU has decided to make this methodology, summarized in the form of a mindmap, available to any interested stakeholder.

This interactive document can be browsed through the following link: http://www.xmind.net/m/rQVhSX

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