New publication: “A new configuration of strategic trade control regimes?”

Following the thirteenth meeting of the Chaudfontaine Group, the European Studies Unit is pleased to announce its new publication: “A new configuration of strategic trade control regimes?”.

In light of the recent geopolitical developments and the ensuing challenges to strategic trade controls, as well as the discussions that have emerged on a new configuration of strategic trade control regimes–which received particular attention within the recently released White Paper on export controls by the European Commission[1]–, the Chaudfontaine Group explored the potential consequences of the ongoing geopolitical transformations and fragmentations on the future of the multilateral export control regimes in the medium term.

This new publication is a synopsis of the discussion of the thirteenth Chaudfontaine Group Meeting, which took place in Chaudfontaine (Belgium) on 1-3 October 2023 and was funded by the European Commission.

[1] European Commission, White Paper on Export Controls, COM(2024) 25 final, Brussels, 24.1.2024.

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