The ESU Launches its Inventory on EU Dual-Use Legislation

The European Studies Unit of the University of Liege launches its inventory of the relevant legislation of the EU and its Member States on dual-use items.

In addition to the EU Dual-Use Regulation and the updated EU Dual-Use Control List, the inventory contains the relevant dual-use legislation of the 27 EU Member States. For each Member State Competent Authority, the Inventory provides its official dual-use webpage and the relevant national legislation, which is accessible either via the original external link (allowing users, if necessary, to translate the webpage content more easily, for example via their browser’s automatic translation with due regard to its caveats) or via the downloaded pdf (ensuring its permanent storage).

The EU dual-use legislation inventory is the latest of the instruments developed by the European Studies Unit to support the activities of various actors (e.g. implementers, researchers, and public authorities) in the field of dual-use.

These instruments are available in the “DUAL-USE” section of the ESU website and are the following ones:

  • TIM Dual-Use platform (developed along with the EU Commission JRC to map potential dual-use technologies transfers and emerging technologies);
  • Dual-Use Assistance app (already employed by four universities to support researchers complying with export control obligations);
  • EU Dual-Use Legislation Inventory.

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