New publication: “Analyzing Strategic Trade Compliance Tools”

Following the twelfth meeting of the Chaudfontaine Group, the European Studies Unit is pleased to announce its new publication: “Analyzing Strategic Trade Compliance Tools”.

The intensification of trade flows over the years came along with several challenges for export control compliance officers, including increasing technology transfers – among industries as well as between companies and research organizations –, increasingly complex supply chains and sophisticated channels of distribution, as well as a changing geopolitical and legal environment.

In response to these potential difficulties, with the support of the EU Commission, the Chaudfontaine Group decided to explore a set of strategic trade control informative and analytical tools in order to create a toolbox where the full range of actors involved in strategic trade control compliance (i.e., public authorities, companies, universities and research organizations) can find some instruments able to assist them in various tasks related to compliance with strategic trade controls’ obligations.

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