“Dual-Use Assistance App” Updates

We are pleased to announce the release of the updated version of the dual use assistance application.

Since scientific research, but also other kinds of intangible technology transfers, may involve sensitive subjects and exchanges, it is necessary to be able to assess to which extent the activity undertaken is compatible with European dual-use legislation.

The European Studies Unit has developed this tool to help primarly researchers (it can be used by any actor or operator) determining the potential sensitivity of their research and/or activity. By answering the questions, users will go through a flow which will provide suggestions on the sensitive nature of the activity undertaken, and, if necessary, be redirected to an ad hoc form allowing them to submit a description of their research to their belonging organisation to help them with this legislation.

The App has been updated with regard to the formulation of questions, their content, the assessment form and the catch-all clauses.

The application is currently optimised for the universities of Liège (ULiège), Mons (UMons), Louvain (UCL), Bruxelles (ULB). However, we will be happy to welcome all interested institutions. Please contact us for any questions or demands : Contact email

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