The European Studies Unit welcomes a new intern on the project “Human for Nature”

The European Studies Unit of the University of Liège , Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology, is currently hosting a new intern, Sonia Costa. The trainee is participating at the realisation of the unique project called ‘Human for Nature’ covering the role of executive assistant.

Sharing the mission of implementing the project, the intern is collaborating under the supervision of the professor Quentin Michel and Pierre-Olivier Bouillon to achieve a clear plan of action, adding a new force to the team. Her main tasks are concerning EU, global and Wallonia policies, the definition of the commercial strategy, the identification of possible suppliers, documents management and of course, the develop of her personal autonomy and  independence through this unique, riveting experience.

The aim of the initiative ‘Human for Nature’ is  to build a future where the link between human activities and natural conservation became more and more solid and visible. It pursues the objective of restoring biodiversity while creating a network of partners whose share the same commitment and sensitivity towards nature. For this reasons, Human for Nature propose different forms of investments for the companies, following the path of sustainability. The main purpose now is the exposition of the project to the public of Wallonia by achieving a deeper understanding of the Biodiversity policies and how the project replies not only to the standards and the needs of the Wallonia but also meets European and global purposes.

The new visiting member, Sonia Costa is an Italian student from the Erasmus plus program. She studied at the University of Catania, where she took a bachelor degree in Languages and communication Science (2023). She took a scholarship soon after the end of her studies and she is now putting into practice what she learned.

As well known, the University of Liège has a dynamic and multicultural environment, hosting every year a good number of international students but also interns, offering the opportunity to prove themselves and their competences while providing a valuable experience.

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