The new online course “Eurasian Economic Integration” will be delivered at the International School of Economics Kazguu by Dr. Kamshat Saginbekova

We are happy to announce that Dr. Kamshat Saginbekova – who recently defended her PhD thesis in Political and Social Sciences at the University of Liege, entitled “Politico-economic aspects of strategic trade control in Central Asian countries“– started to deliver the online courseEurasian Economic Integrationto the International School of Economics KAZGUU – ISE KAZGUU’s students in the BA in International Relations. This course aims to acquaint students with different theoretical, historical, political, and economic aspects and debates in the study of the Eurasian economic integration by highlighting the effects and consequences of the Eurasian Economic Union membership for member countries.

The future intention, within the work at KAZGUU related to strategic trade control, is to implement the Minor in Strategic Trade Control and Sanctions at KAZGUU with the support of the European Studies Unit.

Kamshat Saginbekova pursued her PhD degree in the European Studies Unit of the University of Liège, funded by the Doctoral Research Grant within the framework of the EU Targeted Initiative “CBRN Export Control on Dual-use Materials and Technologies in Central Asia” implemented by the International Science and Technology Centre (ISTC).

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