New publication: “Trade Control And Dual Use Research: A Difficult Compromise”

The European Studies Unit has issued a new article on academic proliferation authored by Dr. Professor Q. Michel.


The principle that universities are only conducting fundamental research is not accurate any more even if it was the case previously.

The revelation of academic proliferation cases in the seventies and the development of virtual means of transfer have slowly constrained States authorities to change their policy regarding the control of university research activities. This new paradigm consists of a switch in interpretation of their activities by considering that they may not exclusively conduct fundamental research.

However, researchers awareness of potential misuse of their research remains one of the most challenging issues and even if, since the recast of the EU Dual Use Regulation that clearly identified academia and research centres as part of its scope, these last ones have had to accept to implement some controls on their activities, the difficulty is precisely to define which ones will require an authorisation and which ones will be exempted.

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