Academic research: Dual-Use Unit updates

The Dual-Use Unit, established by the University of Liège, supports academic and research activities to comply with EU legislation on dual-use items trade, aiming at avoiding any misuse of research.

The Dual-Use Unit has updated its interactive verification process, available at both the following links (to access the dedicated ULiège webpage, only available in French):

Specifically, the updated tool aims at helping researchers and academics to understand whether their research activity involves the transfer of dual-use items.
In sensitive cases, the tool will automatically redirect the user to full-fill a form which will be evaluated by the Dual-Use Unit.
In case an authorisation is considered necessary, the Dual-Use Unit will assist the researcher in asking the competent authorities for it. Among the updates of the interactive verification process appear: 

  • a clear and user-friendly interface; 
  • specific definitions provided and easily available on click; 
  • provision of ad hoc documents to be consulted and easily available on click; 
  • automatic redirection to the form and submission on a click.

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